About Trainer

  • 7 years of Netezza experience
  • 2 years of onsite experience
  • Teaching Netezza from 3.5 years
  • IBM Netezza Certified
  • Working as an Architect
  • Excellent in Communication

About Puredata Netezza Development


Course Pre-requisites:

Lab setup:

  • Windows 7 64 bit machine that supports Virtualization
  • VMWARE 7 or above
  • Netezza Emulator 7.x
  • Windows ISO image to create Windows VMware

Training Material:

  • Class PPT’s (Soft copy)
  • Netezza 7.x PDF’s (Soft copy)
  • Netezza Emulator softwares

IBM NETEZZA/PureData System for Analytics DEVELOPMENT ONLINE TRAINING Course Outline:

  • NPS AMPP Architecture
  • Netezza command line interface (CLI)
  • NZADMIN: GUI Admin tool
  • Creating databases and data objects
  • Data distribution (Random, Hash)
  • Data Loading and Unloading (CLI, GUI)
  • Optimizer & Query plans
  • Statistics, Zonemaps, CBT, Groom table
  • Views, System Views, Materialized Views
  • SQL Constraints, Joins, Functions
  • Sub Queries, SQL Extensions, Stored procedures
  • Query Performance Tuning
  • ODBC/JDBC/OLEDB client connectivity

Contents (Unit:1)

  • About Netezza
  • Netezza AMPP Architecture
  • Netezza Architecture fundamental principles
  • Netezza components terminology: FPGA Core, CPU Core, Disk, Host, S-Blade, SPU, SPA, Disk Enclosure
  • Various other Datawarehouse appliances in the market
  • Introduction to Netezza Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Netezza CLI options
  • Netezza SQL Introduction
  • Netezza Environment Variables
  • NZSQL command line options
  • NZSQL Internal slash commands
  • Create Database, Table, Synonym, Sequence
  • Create View, Materialized views, user, groups
  • System tables, views, privileges (object, administrative)
  • SQL Identifiers, Netezza Data types, Internal Datatypes
  • Lab: NZSQL slash & sql commands

Contents (Unit:2)

  • Data Distribution (Hash, Random)
  • Data Distribution:Collocated Joins
  • Data Distribution: Single/Double Redistribution, Broadcasting
  • Multi Column Distribution
  • Data Distribution: Best Practises
  • Data Loading/Unloading using External Tables
  • Data Loading/Unloading using Compressed External Tables
  • Data Loading using NZLOAD
  • Data Loading usinng NZLOAD fixed format
  • Lab: Database objects creation, Data Loading/unloading (both CLI & GUI)

Contents (Unit:3)

  • NZADMIN GUI Tool Installation
  • ODBC Drivers Installation
  • Aginity workbench installation
  • Extents & Zonemaps
  • Clustered Base Tables (CBT)
  • Groom table
  • Skew Table
  • Transactions
  • Statistics(Database, Table, Column, System)
  • NZ* commands
  • Netezza Appliance models
  • Netezza System logs
  • Functions, Operators
  • Table constraints
  • Joins, Stored procedures, SQL Extensions
  • Lab: Groom Table, Skew Table, NZADMIN walk-thru



  • The fact that they have a set format of teaching, which creates a schedule for a student, and a step-by-step process that covers the entire Netezza syllabus. I can surely assure eTraining provides a great help for Netezza curriculum.
    - Shannon D.

  • The BEST I liked about the tutors in eTraining is the amount of practical knowledge these guys have and the way they bring in the same to students perspective while Teaching. Glad I took DB2 course from eTraining.
    - Rubeena Khan

  • I found classes very helpful. What you Teach is AWESOME
    - Gopal