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About Advanced Shell Scripting


Course Pre-requisites:

Lab setup: RHEL 32/64 bit

Training Material:

  • Class PPT’s (Soft Copy)
  • Class recordings (optional)


VI Editor

  • Introduction to Visual Editor
  • Understanding 3 basic modes of operations
  • Cursor Movement commands
  • Scrolling commands
  • Editing text commands
  • Copying and pasting text
  • Shell commands
  • Text Buffers
  • Search commands

UNIX Shell Scripting

  • Introduction to Shell
  • Types of shells
  • Evolution/History of various Unix shells
  • Introduction to Shell scripting
  • Difference between programming and scripting
  • Steps in handling shell scripts
  • Writing first shell script - “Hello World...!”

Shell Scripting basic examples

  • Adding comments
  • Displaying output to screen
  • Variables declaration
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Read Input from command line
  • Interactive Addition program
  • Positional Parameters
  • Command Line arguments
  • Arithmetic operations using command line arguments
  • Command line arguments using SHIFT operator
  • Scope of Variables

Conditional Statements

  • Sequence control structure (vs.) decision making structure
  • If-then-fi statement
  • If-then-else-fi statement
  • If-then-elif-else-fi statement
  • TEST command
  • case - esac statement
  • String operations
  • Examples

Flow control statements

  • For Loop
  • While loop
  • Until loop
  • Loop nesting
  • Break/continue commands
  • Examples on For/While/Until
  • For + ls example
  • While + case example
  • If + grep example
  • For + sed + awk example

Advanced Shell Scripting (SED, CUT)

  • SED Introduction
  • Difference between “” and ‘’
  • s for substitution
  • SED Delimiters
  • Using & as the matched string
  • SED Multiple instructions
  • Multiple instructions through script
  • Printing, Deleting in SED
  • cut, tr commands
  • Lab Exercises

Advanced Shell Scripting (AWK)

  • AWK Introduction
  • AWK Basic syntax & Examples
  • AWK Inbuilt variables (FS, OFS, NR, RS, FILENAME)
  • BEGIN, PRINT, END blocks in AWK
  • Inbuilt AWK functions (length, Index, sub, substr, tolower, toupper, split)
  • IF Condition
  • Loops (While, DO … WHILE, FOR)
  • Break - Continue - Exit
  • Arrays
  • Lab Exercises



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